ABBYY PDF Transformer 3.0 Pro

ABBYY PDF Transformer 3.0 Pro
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Intelligent Conversion Technology

Based on ABBYY’s award-winning optical character recognition (OCR) technology, PDF Transformer delivers superior quality of PDF conversion. By leveraging OCR, it accurately “reads” text on any type of PDF files (including image-only or scanned PDFs) in 184 languages.  To optimize the conversion performance, the program also intelligently analyses a PDF file and its text layer and makes a decision as to whether or not OCR processing should be applied to the entire document.

Processing of ALL Types of PDF Files*
ABBYY PDF Transformer processes any type of PDF file, including scanned (image-only) PDFs, searchable PDFs, password-protected PDFs (the program will prompt you to enter the correct passwords for content extraction), PDFs with text in non-standard encoding, and documents in the latest PDF 1.7 format.

Accurate Re-creation of Document Layout and Formatting
When converting PDF files, ABBYY PDF Transformer not only captures text but also re-creates all formatting elements – titles, tables, columns, pictures, charts, hyperlinks and internal links, etc. There’s no need to retype or reformat your documents.
In addition, PDF Transformer 3.0 supports ABBYY’s revolutionary Adaptive Document Recognition Technology (ADRT®) which intelligently re-creates logical structure of documents across multiple pages and outputs PDF files in native Microsoft® Word formatting. It accurately reproduces headers, footers, page numbering, footnotes, fonts, font styles, and captions to images across all pages of a document. If you apply any changes to number of pages, footnotes or captions in your output document, they will be reflected at once within the entire document.

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