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software consultancy
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Software consultancy and workaround for your issues

Example - Loading hundreds of files in Mega cloud

I loaded hundreds of files with acceptable human effort using the following hints:
- IE crashed at the beginning, Chrome crashed at an unknown moment in the future so I use IE to give Mega tasks
for a longer period in the future
- IE do not accept directories so choose a file management algorithm described bellow
- IE crash at 200 files as a parameter string but accept 100
- Mega recommends less than 500 files in a directory
- you have visual feedback only after the first loading command (for the followings please wait for the progress
bar of the current file loading to move in order to avoid crash or the message
“this browser is not responding – reload page” :--)))

So a Mega for Dummy Book will look like this
- Start IE, login to Mega, navigate to destination directory
- Create subdirectory a1
- Upload 100 files
- Wait for visual feedback (the uploading process in the lower part of the browser
- Upload 100 files (the command it is a new parallel thread)
- Wait for visual feedback (the “movement” of the progress bar of the uploading process in the lower part of the browser)
- Hint – now there is only one thread loading 200 files
- Upload 100 files more
- ……
- Do not forget to create subdirectory a2 after 500 files (then a3, a4 …..)
- ……
- “don’t be evil” – execute this steps progressively and learn from experience – it will crush, too, at a number
that I do not know now

Why is this happening – same answer if for why 20 years ago people where writing dates in a 6 digit field or less !!!
Clouds and browsers are as stupid as home computers where once.
You are a pioneer – Welcome to the Club! Keep trying for your kids to have better systems!

Have a nice day and a full automatic loading over night!
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